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Proactively manage air travel disruption. Aerology's deep learning models provide more options and longer decision horizons—to those responsible for distributing delay and those who deal with it. Save the costs and time wasted by flight interruptions.

For airlines and airports

An AI-first operations center stack

Operate from a proactive posture. Aerology's probabilistic forecasts and human-in-the-loop tools allow you to incrementally and precisely approach an irregular operation. Optimize resource allocation to cost (and carbon) effectively distribute delay. 

Airport capacity forecasts

Reduce forecast error by up to 50%, tactically manage diversion risk

Arrival TMI delay estimates

Reduce schedules incrementally, precisely scope waivers

Throughput balancing


Prevent surface congestion, mitigate tarmac delay probabilities

Coming soon

For operators

For travel tech and travelers

Your pre-interruption alerting

Navigate around delays, cancellations and missed connections. Aerology's state-of-the-art predictions provide the foresight needed to get users, employees and policy holders there as planned. Stop making the same wait-and-see bet as the airlines.

Arrival flow forecasts

De-couple from airlines' published delays when allocating resources

Airport delay estimates

Identify and avoid pervasive delays, de-stress journeys via tranquil airports

Trip disruption probabilities


Choose a safer original itinerary; more accurately price premiums

Coming soon

for ecosystem

About us

Built by ex-EWR operator, AI researcher


Tim Donohue

Co-founder & CEO

9 years at United Airlines, including leading their Newark Station Operations Center. chatGPT-enable prototyper.


Yamaç Işık

Co-founder & CTO

AI Research Fellow with Masters degrees in Computer Science and Economics. Burgeoning aviation geek.

our crew
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